Talk To ME: Lesia and Peter

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Lesia Maruschak / Peter Lindbergh (italics)  

I was moved when I first saw your photographs. 

I feel lost in the world, as I wander and find myself … may be too much truth?

There was a beautiful, presence of you. I could feel your courage and your uncompromising search. Now, knowing more about you and your work, your thoughts, and this deep, inner identity you have and knowing about your longing to stay connected in your own beautiful way, with your past and future …

I am a person whose family emigrated from another place. They left something, everyone, to become part of another.  My works show what that looks like and feels like for me today and how I try to make sense of who I am.  Land for them was freedom … for me the land is the place where I am most connected - a sort of communion with my life, myself, others, the world around me and the ‘doors’ that lead to that which is beyond.

 I can see a place inside of you, full with bright and amazing knowledge, waiting to be found ...

I work to share my view of the world– not with my eyes - with my heart. And how the space we inhabit points to a spiritual place.  For this reason, I seem to be drawn to horizons and empty landscapes. 

There is one other way to find this place inside of you. 
This way is less secure, even dangerous and risky, but it could be worth trying. This way would request you to abandon your roots and securities, to maybe find in exchange total freedom and independence from and for yourself and your work.

This place you describe is very compelling and the invitation is one I welcome.  We are complicated or maybe simple beings.  I know for certain things change and so do we. As long as we journey with empathy, respect, hope and love for all and everything it is worth it to me.

I very much admire the honesty in your work and I do feel your love and empathy in all your photographs I know and love.                 

Lesia Maruschak
Peter Lindbergh