2017 Hariban Award

It is an incredible honor to be shortlisted for the shortlist for HARIBAN AWARD 2017. The committee  received an incredible 439 submissions from all over the globe! The judges had the difficult task of paring down a truly impressive array of work, but they’re confident that they’ve selected the submissions that will benefit most from a relationship with Benrido and the collotype process. 

Statement by Tristan Lund (Juror)
Selecting the shortlist for the HARIBAN AWARD 2017 has been a privilege and a task I undertook extremely seriously. I would like to thank all the entrants, those at the beginning of their careers for the bravery to show their work to an unknown audience and to those more established striving to push their practice to a new level.

This is a unique award with a prize that is a genuine collaboration with highly skilled craftspeople, it is an incredible opportunity for the right kind of artist. I approached the shortlisting process with this in mind by looking for:

  • A sense that each artist had carefully considered why they were entering such a specific award.
  • Individual images that I thought would look great as collotypes.
  • Original, consistent projects ranging in style and content.

I am delighted with the list of 111 finalists and think we have a fantastic group of artists from which to select a winner, I am very excited about the next stage.