Spain's DODHO Magazine - WO•MAN: PLACE

DODHO Features in an article on conceptual art in North America.

When the Founder and Director of Spain's DODHO Magazine approached me and expressed interest in the series  WOMAN: PLACE I was honored.

The concept of ' thread' which is central to the series -  as a material object and its importance in the organization of civilization as pointed to by PLATO, its significance as a metaphor for continuity, life  - is something I valued greatly.
Their role in my like, my relationships and my art are profound.

I am humbled and grateful to DODHO for their interest in and support of my work.
I would also like to thank fellow Canadian Pamela Grombacher for the editorial piece she did on the series.

WOMAN: PLACE was recently part of an exhibition of art books at the Phoenix Museum of Art and exists as a limited edition of 9 art books.