Booksigning in connection with the exhibition KRAÎNA: My Canada by Lesia Maruschak.
Lesia signed her new Limited Edition book KRAÏNA: My Canada published by studio IKONA.


Lesia Maruschak
KRAÏNA: My Canada

Publisher :  studio IKONA
Text : Lesia Maruschak
Layout : studio IKONA
Size : 9 X 10 Inches
Pages : 48
Price : 10 Limited Edition signed and number copies with a print 100$ CDN
Price: 90 Limited Edition signed and number copies 40$ CDN

About the book:

“There was a beautiful, presence of you. I could feel your courage and your uncompromising search. Now, knowing more about you and your work, your thoughts, and this deep, inner identity you have and knowing about your longing to stay connected in your own beautiful way, with your past and future …I very much admire the honesty in your work and I do feel your love and empathy in all your photographs I know and love.” Peter Lindbergh wrote. KRAÏNA spurs an exploration of loss, shifting identity, and culture issues of global significance as we make our way through contemporary debates on immigration.