In order to advance, I walk the treadmill of myself
Cyclone inhabited by immobility.
But within, no more boundaries!
— Jean Tardieu, Le Témoin invisible

WALKING goes beyond the action of putting one foot in front of the other, or moving someone or something forward. At its center is the exploration of finding myself and answering the fundamental question of “Who Am I?”. Explored through the stories of my life: the fear of being lost as a child, my diagnosis with an incurable blood cancer, and the loss of many loved ones. Themes like relationships, remembrance, identity and connection are explored.

The work, in exhibition form, points to the concepts of movement and rhythm in life, as we seek to learn who we are, and as events shape our journey. Throughout my interest in repetition and materiality dominate.

The project uses three types of images. Colored landscapes offer a sense of order and calm while hinting at abandonment and uncertainly. Lead-like vernacular images, coated with ash and wax and embellished with color, shape and line present a graphic abstraction of the complexity of human relationships and self-development. The third type of imagery centers around an image of two boys, shot in Denmark. Again, shape and color present my emotional, intellectual and artistic response to the development of selfhood with images that are ambiguous and abstruse. Throughout words and brushstrokes are like markers of the journey.

WALKING transcends the literal psychological examination of the human story by asserting the higher truths of selfhood, identity and memory. Presented is my inward journey - one common to wo/mankind - of the path from lost to found to lost again …always exploring to find the way forward.