in order to advance, I walk the treadmill of myself
Cyclone inhabited by immobility.
But within, no more boundaries!
— Jean Tardieu, Le Témoin invisible

The idea of WALKING:  moving each other forward goes beyond the action of putting one foot in front of the other, moving someone or something forward. In actuality it points to my interest in rhythm as a critical component of my artist vocabulary.  WALKING points to the concepts of movement and rhythm in life, as we seek to learn who we are and as life continuously disrupts our sense of self. The journey presented in WALKING hints at the stories, experiences and memories of my life: the fear of being lost as a child, my diagnosis with an incurable blood cancer, the rhythm of the sea and the mountains, and my love of family and home. I work to share the beautiful uncertainty, the relationships, remembrance, loss and shifting identity and the fundamental question of “Who Am I?” WALKING is an inward journey - one common to wo/mankind - of the losses and graces experienced when we are severed from ourselves and the journey taken on the way forward.

WALKING also unveils my investigation of the photograph through repetition and objectification. Layers of velum, ash, wax, and photographs serve as source material in the creation of new photography-based artwork. The velum process and subsequent reworking of vernacular images, from my extensive media library and work shot in Canada and Denmark, mark the first stage of transmutation.  The subsequent coating with ash and wax, leaves a fragile residue on the surface one which seems like a harbinger of life itself.  Having left behind their one-dimensional state the renewed works point to the power of objects to convey meaning over time and to be in connection with the seer.