The idea of WALKING: moving each other forward goes beyond the concepts of movement and rhythm. The definition of the word walking points to the action of putting one foot in front of the other, moving someone for something forward. The works - unveiled in reworked and reprocessed deteriorating and damaged photographs, intertwined with landscapes - are painted with ash from a sacred space and wax. Each image is embroidered with a simple silk black "X" and some bear my red thumbprint. As if to say - I am lost and I am found. 

My diagnosis with an incurable blood cancer changed my life. I stood at a precipice - the continuous thread between my present-day self and the one who was before was severed.  We were identical in height and eye color, but as time would show not in social stature, beliefs, circle of friends - not even the cells of our bodies. There was unbridgeable lacuna between us. A journey of “making of sense” - artistry - to once again weave together the fibers of my life had begun. The journey presented in WALKING hints at the stories, experiences and memories of my life: the fear of being lost as a child, the rhythm of the sea and the mountains, and my love of family and home. I work to share the beautiful uncertainty and the moments of relationships, remembrance, loss and shifting identity, and the fundamental question of “Who Am I?”  WALKING is an inward journey - one common to wo/mankind - of the losses and graces experienced when we are severed from ourselves and the journey taken on the way forward.