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The idea of WALKING:  moving each other forward goes beyond the action of putting one foot in front of the other, moving someone or something forward. It points to the concepts of movement and rhythm in life as we seek to learn who we are as life continuously disrupts our sense of self. The journey presented in WALKING hints at the stories, experiences and memories of my life: the fear of being lost as a child, my diagnosis with an incurable blood cancer, the rhythm of the sea and the mountains, and my love of family and home. I work to share the beautiful uncertainty and the moments of relationships, remembrance, loss and shifting identity and the fundamental question of “Who Am I?” WALKING is an inward journey - one common to wo/mankind - of the losses and graces experienced when we are severed from ourselves and the journey taken on the way forward.

The works - unveiled in reworked and reprocessed deteriorating and damaged photographs, intertwined with Canadian and Danish landscapes - are painted with ash from a sacred space and wax. Select images are stamped with a representation of my thumbprint as it to point to my existence.  Yet, it is the par hazard application of the ancient egg tempera with a red pigment which is spread with my breath that points to the uncertainly of life.