In my late teens I was gifted a vintage garment and a faded crumbling handwritten note written by a woman known to me as Teta Hanja. The garment hung in my closet for decades - as if caught in some time warp. Recently, I brought it out and found myself weirdly shifting between the decades. I discovered, the garment’s materiality - its frayed edges, bleeding dyes, and yellowing fabric spoke to me of the fragility of life, women's stories and the challenges associated with identity, place, boundaries, migration and role. As I wore the garment I was reminded of the transience of all things. This artifact had a language of its own where different forces were stitched and woven together, where diverse skills, experiences and knowledge were combined. The garment spoke to me of community. When I stood back and viewed it in its “wholeness,” I saw beauty, diversity, strength, synergy and a variety of other elements required for a thriving community. I also saw a story - words. I then decided to be playful - almost like a child playing dress-up. I look the garment and various other pieces, modern and vintage, and explored my identity and the boundaries between my ancestry and my place in this world.

This series is part of my ongoing explores the WOMAN.