A 15 minute drive  inspired the land is not still. This series stems from my fascination with the nature of our relationships to the landscape, the sublime, time, movement and impermanence. The title the land is not still, describes the result of images taken from a moving vehicle - made in collaboration with the landscape, movement, and the passage of time.   The synthesis of these element  – from a historical haunting and inhabiting presence – projects that which remains - an invisible energy.  These images are not intended, in an way intended to be romantic or painterly. They point to  my interest in what is present – invisible - and in relation with space and time.The series is produced as a polytych making it whole - one. The pieces are never wholly static or solitary, they are in relation to a whole -  an encounter between here and there.   

each print is unique and handpainted
@ Lesia Maruschak
year: 2017
edition 3, + 2 AP 150: 100 x 150 cm
edition 5, + 2 AP 50 x 40 cm
Japanese Handmade Paper, Authentic Egg Yolk, Wine, Tempera, Pigments, Wax