STRANDS is dedicated to those who lived on the island of San Servelo, Italy. The island served as an insane asylum for centures. STRANDS goes beyond the concept of loss and entanglement. It is tantamount to a cinematic universe of a life once lived. This journey hints at the life of an imaginary woman institutionalized here.  A journey presented in singular icons and diptychs explores the internal and external - . the losses we experience when we are torn apart from our lives and those we love. We seek acceptance and peace knowing that life has no end and space and time are one - over and over again. 



You dance with wild abandon upon my pillow
Your shadow grazes my neck
A trace remains ... haunting
Of where your sweet face lay with mine
The air hangs heavy
Your scent lingers still
Persephone weeps
Only silence - dark foreboding silence
And the scent of your body next to mine remains
... in the strands of my hair upon the pillow