KRYPTOS, Greek for hidden, reveals an “imagined reality” encompassing disconnected scenarios, eluding narration. Themes at the root of humanity, the notion of memory and relationship to the photograph and the viewer are central to the series.  KRYPTOS pivots on the concept that memory is collective, fluid, and a never-ending process. Central to the portfolio are thousands of frames of found vintage film. Subjects and landscapes were curated, reprocessed, re-photographed, and reinterpreted to evoke timeless vignettes. By deliberately selecting deteriorating and damaged images I create a barrier between the moment’s materiality and the viewer. Cinematic framing conventions add an additional filter through which we experience and appropriate these storyboards. The heightened use of color, a dark and moody palette,and haunting luminosity are meant to erase the specificity of the time and place and emphasize the timeless and universal nature.    As an unexpected voyeur and collaborator with an unknown filmmaker, I have  taken what was most likely private footage,  naive art, and added new layers of meaning. KRYPTOS - an alternate exploration of love, life, and death –  invites the viewer to stop, gaze, and wonder.  To join in the act of voyeurism that is KRYPTOS