2019 Le Plac'Art Photo, Recontres d’Arles, Arles, France
2019 October, Objectif FEMMES Exposition, Paris
2019 October Paris Artistes, Paris
December 6, 2019 – February 1, 2020 Picture Gallery, Bloomington, United States
2019 Médiathèque E.Rostand, Paris, France
2019 The PhotoGallery, Halmstad, Sweden
2019 PhotoPlace Gallery, Altered Realities, Middlebury, Vermont
2019 12th Pollux Awards Collective Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain
2019 12th Julia M. Cameron, Spain
2019 Fotofilmic International Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada
2019 Fotofilmic International Exhibition, Los Angeles, United States
2019 Fotofilmic International Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2018 Getxophoto Post Conflict Reframing A Dialogue, Getxo, Spain
2018 A Family of No Man, Cosmos Arles, Arles, France
2018 Patricia Conde Galeria (Artsy), Mexico City, Mexico
2018 5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Barcelona, Spain
2018, Long Shot, Photographic Centre Northwest, Seattle, United States
2018 Black Country Living Museum, United Kingdom
2018 Black by Day and Red by Night, United Kingdom
2018 Wolverhampton Archive Center, United Kingdom
2018 Dudley Archive Centre, United Kingdom
2018 Light House Media Centre, Reclaim Photography Festival, United Kingdom
2018 Foundations, Studio SixtySix, Ottawa, Canada
2018 Fotofestival, Houston, USA
2017-2018 Articulations, Ottawa, Canada
2017 KRAÏNA: My Canada, Ottawa, Canada
2017 Bokeh, DAB Gallery, California
2017 LENSCULTURE Magnum Photography Awards Competition Gallery
2017 Santa Fe Photo Festival, REVIEW 100, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2017 Censored Exhibition, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Linus Gallery, Quiet Long Beach, California
2017 Dab Aart Gallery, Ventura California
2016-2017 Phoenix Art Museum, Doris and John Norton Gallery for the Center for Creative Photography, Phoenix (US)
2016, Agora Gallery, New York, United States
2016 Signs of Life, Lenscratch Online Gallery
2016 Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
2016 PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont
2016 Photography: A Contemporary Point of View, Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York
2016 Satchi Online Gallery, London England