First Star I See Tonight

The windows in the T. Eaton home have all be magically painted by Jack Frost. Two children, Taras and Natalia, with great anticipation look out the kitchen window as Mama finishes making the Christmas Eve supper on the McClary stove and Tato is outside feeding the farm animals. 

What are they looking for? Why, it is the first star in the East, which signifies the birth of the Christ Child!  Suddenly, a shout of excitement.: “The First Star! The First Star!”

And, now the Christmas Eve supper will begin …

Can You Remember?

By Natalia Maruschak

As a child getting the T. Eaton Christmas catalogue was one of my fondest memories.

Can you remember spending hours flipping the pages looking for toys, games, dolls, and musical instruments?

Writing a letter to Santa was a must.  Telling him how good or bad we had been. Making a special request for Christmas …

“Dear Santa – My name is Natalia.  I have been good …. I would like a Barbara Ann Scott doll …”

Can you remember sitting down by the kitchen table, coal oil lamp lighting the catalogue pages, as the mail order was being prepared, ordering winter clothes to survive the harsh prairie winter?

Also, can you recall waiting for the mail-order parcel to arrive at the local community post office?  Finally, once we had paid “Cash On Delivery”  - COD -  the excitement of opening the parcel was beyond words!