This master class takes a look at the role of creativity in photography. Finding your creative voice is one of the best  ways to distinguish yourself and get the attention of photography professionals who can promote your work.

Lesia will discuss her series KRAÏNA and the diverse methods used to unveil her creative inspiration. Key points to be covered include the:

  • role of inspirational research, meditative practices and the "white piece of paper" 
  • role of tone and mood to unity a portfolio and create a visual landscape
  •  importance of the artist's statement
  •  unusual methods and subjects.
  • expression of meaning through sequencing

Class participants will be invited to share their works and to join in a photo booth experience with Lesia.


Participation in the Master Class is free. To register for the Master Class please please contact the curators listed below.

26 August, 2017 Gary Bowman Gallery, Lviv (UKRAINE)
Anna Sydorenko

Please bring 3-5 images that represent the essence of your work and one antique image


Explain the following in brief:


1.     Why did I become a photographer?


2.     Why have I chosen this field of photography (fashion, art, portrait, etc.)?


3.     Would you like to change something in your work?


4.     Do you feel you have found your creative voice?  If so, how would you describe it?