In approximately 1000 square meters of space, the installation will be designed so that it changes over the course of exhibition, as the audience interacts with it. The first component will consist of newsprint pads printed with fragments of the images from the series Red. Varying in size, they will be presented as a large grouping, covering 1-2 walls from floor to ceiling. The viewers will be instructed to tear off pages and take them away.  In the centre of this component visitors will encounter volunteer sewers/binders who will sit at a table and sew together images which will be attached to a cord running from the floor to the ceiling. This component of the exhibition will accumulate and point to the process of memory making. I will be present to begin the process and visitors will be instructed to join.

In the second component, large scale parchment prints coated with pigments, ash,  and wax will hang unglazed, to emphasize their materiality. Viewers will be encouraged to touch the prints. Any deterioration in the work over time is intentional. Lighting in this area will be subdued and highlight the translucency of the works from the Transfiguration series.

The final component is a physical labyrinth of sculptural forms, that draw on the series Counting.  A triptych will be deconstructed into three layers and presented on felt covered tar as if a sheet from a vintage photo album. The other layers of the work will be made of vellum like paper, heavily worked with ash, pigments and wax. Viewers will be able to move through and around the forms.