Bringing a new vision to photography Maruschak creates works that manifest the “memory of making. Her work is founded in materiality, through the use of ancient artistic methods including encaustics, egg tempera and gilding which all stem from her practice as a Byzantine artist. Through these processes she manifests a profound visual representation of loss and migration. Strong influences of the Canadian prairies resonate throughout her practice. It is here that she makes many of her images, and where the landscape plays an integral role in her “process of making” as best exemplified in her recent film, The Diggers.


This series is dedicated to artist, poet and friend Peter Lindbergh.

the empty CHAIR project is a series of invitations and exploration of my relationship with nature. Starting with an old mirror – I look into it and this is the first point of dialogue.  Stepping onto a fragile chair I spend time facing North, South, East and West.  My body interacts with the environment and I capture these moments with my camera.  The experience is a conversation with the environment – organic and spontaneous interactions.