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"My work stems from an interest in absence and presence and the paradoxical role of the photograph. There is a fundamental language in art which activates forms making them present for the seer.  Transposing this artistic mode through a language based in rhythm which is integral to all life - I work to engage the seer and transport him/her to a space of meditation, reflection and inquiry.  Photography-based works printed on  transparent Japanese paper are my canvas, egg tempera permeated with rare pigments, ash from sacred spaces, and gold leaf are icons of my artistic mode. All working in union because of  rhythm. We are endlessly influenced by its presence yet rarely aware that it is  at play in our lives. My art points to this and invites the seer to a meditative, sensual and tactile experience of not only art, but life itself."
Lesia Maruschak

Known for her poetic sensibility, Lesia Maruschak, is recognized as a contemporary artist who unveils an inner beauty defying place and time. Born in Alvena (Canada) in 1961, she spent her childhood on the Canadian prairies.  She later received her MA in ethnography from the University of Saskatchewan, and a MBA from the University of Ottawa. Her works explore identity, mortality, collective memory and the confluence of space and time. By integrating the veil like transparency of Japanese paper, egg tempera permeated with rare pigments, ash from sacred spaces, and gold leaf with photographs she works to create a communion -  engaging the seer and transporting him/her to a space of meditation, reflection and inquiry.   Maruschak’s exploration of the medium of photography and its boundaries  - in her works and metaphorical performative elements – coexists with an emotional intensity, a sensibility and an honesty that come from deep within her.  Her works delve into a visual exploration of our understanding of eternal subjects at the root of humanity. Peter Lindbergh states: "I very much admire the honesty in your work and I do feel your love and empathy in all your photographs I know and love." Maruschak's works are in various national and international private and public collections and she has received numerous awards including the Governor General of Canada's Caring Canadian Award and the Sovereign Medal award among others. She currently lives between Ottawa and Alvena.


2018 Walking: moving each other forward, Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa Canada
2018 Museum of Ukrainian History, Saskatoon, Canada"
2017 i am the land, studio iKONA, Ottawa, Canada
2017 KRAÏNA: i am the land,  Kharkiv Municipal Galley, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2017 KRAÏNA: i am the land, Museum of History, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 KRAÏNA: i am the land, Gary Bowman Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2017 KRAÏNA: i am the land, NT-Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
2017 MY CANADA: City of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
2017 KRAÏNA: My Canada, CONTACT  Scotiabank Photography Festival, KUMF Gallery. Toronto, Canada
2017 THE CAVE: Plato’s Allegory Revisited, studio IKONA, Ottawa, Canada
2017 KRASYNYA Gallery, Calgary, Canada:
2016 BELONGING: somewhere/nowhere, Art-Zavod Platforma, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017-2018 Articulations, Ottawa, Canada
2017 LENSCULTURE Magnum Photography Awards 2017 Competition Gallery
2017 Santa Fe Photo Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2017 Censored Exhibition, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Linus Gallery, Quiet Long Beach, California
2017 Dab Aart Gallery, Ventura California
2016-2017, December 2, 2016 - April 9, 2017, Phoenix Art Museum, Doris and John Norton Gallery for the Center for Creative Photography, Phoenix (US)
2016, Agora Gallery, New York, United States
2016 Signs of Life, Lenscratch Online Gallery
2016 Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
2016 PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont
2016 Photography: A Contemporary Point of View, Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York
2016 Online Gallery, London England
2016 Vesna Historical Photographic Exhibition
2015 Internationale exposition d’icônes, Musée des maîtres et artisans, Montreal, February 2015
2014 Ottawa International Byzantine Arts Symposium, Ottawa, September 2014
2014 BYZANTIUM: Ottawa International Byzantine Arts Symposium, Ottawa, Canada

2017 Hariban Benrido Collotype Shortlisted, Japan
2017 LensCulture Magnum Photography Awards Editors' Pick
2017 10th International Color Awards Nominee Nature Category
2016 Chelsea International Art Competition, New York, USA
2016 General of Canada’s Sovereign Medal
2014 General of Canada’s Caring Canadian Award

2017 Master Class, The Language of Creativity, Gary Bowman Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2017 Master Class, The Language of Creativity, N-T Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine..

2015 Lesia Maruschak Photography Founder, Ottawa, Canada
2015 Terra Ercolano Art Advisory Founder, Ottawa, Canada
2015 TERRA ERCOLANO Corporation Founder, Ottawa, Canada
2014 Co-Founder BART: Byzantine Centre for North American Arts
2014 Founded BYZANTIUM: Ottawa International Byzantine Arts Symposium

2015 KORDIS: Rebetiko, Melkart Gallery, Paris, France
2015 KORDIS: Love Doesn’t Know What Love Is, DESMOS Gallery, Paris, France
2015 KORDIS: Heavenly Beauty on Earth, Bulgarian Cultural Centre, Paris, France
2015 Art Performance: KORDIS and Choral Group under direction of Nana Peredze,
Serbian Orthodox Church, Paris, France
2015 Salon – An Evening with KORDIS: Creation of a Digital Engraving, Paris, France
2015 POLITISMOS: KORDIS: Dialogue With Greek Literature, Online Museum
2015 Greek Ambassador to Canada: Art Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada
2015 KORDIS: Faces of EROS, The Burroughes, Toronto, Canada
2014 BYZANTIUM: Ottawa International Byzantine Arts Symposium, Ottawa, Canada

2017, Hariban Award Shortlist, Japan
2017, The Focus is Positive, Lviv, Ukraine
2017, Ukrainka at N-T Modern Gallery, Ukraine
2017, KRAINA: I am the land in Odessa, Ukraine
2017, Ukrainian Photographer Exhibits in Odessa, Ukraine
2017, DODHO, KRAINA: i am the land, SPAIN
2017, I am the land, Forum TV, Toronto, Canada
2017, I am the land, Kontakt TV, Toronto, Canada
2017 ArtMaze Magazine, Issue 4, London, England
2017, On This Date In Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 KRAÏNA: My Canada, Ottawa, Canada
2017 Bokeh, DAB Gallery, California
2016 Photo book, WOMAN : PLACE, Ottawa, Canada
2016 Travelling, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
2016 Man In The Landscape, Photoplace Gallery, Vermont, United States
2016 Ottawa Life Ottawa-Based Artist Lesia Maruschak Exhibits New Photographic Series
“BELONGING: Somewhere/Nowhere” In Ukraine
2016 Zine: I Am The Place Where I AM
2015 George Kordis – Interprets Man’s Relationship with Man, Hahnemühle Blog
2015 Faces of EROS
2014 Ottawa International Byzantine Arts Symposium
2014 Lesia Maruschak BYZANTIUM
2014 Greek Ambassador Hosts Exhibition
2014 IKONA Gallery Opening
2014 Paris February Representation KORDIS
2014 Iconic Event, Centretown News

Kyiv Museum of History, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phoenix Museum of Art, Phoenix, Arizona
Daab Art Gallery, Ventura, California
Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, Kyiv Ukraine
National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
National Library of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Houston Center For Photography
CENTER, Advancing The Photographic Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexica
Ottawa Arts Council, Ottawa, Canada
Federation of Canadian Artists
International Centre for Photography
API Art Photo Index