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Known for her poetic sensibility, Lesia Maruschak, is recognized as a contemporary artist who unveils an inner beauty defying place and time. Born in Alvena (Canada) in 1961, she spent her childhood on the Canadian prairies.  She later received her MA in ethnography from the University of Saskatchewan, and a MBA from the University of Ottawa.  

Inspired by the work of Alberto Giacometti she began exploring the essence of mankind and his/her place in space and time.  Having discovered Peter Lindbergh's timeless images and redefinition of our standards of beauty, Lesia embarked on a journey to explore our understanding of time, place, and belonging through her works and metaphorical performative elements. Peter Lindbergh, recognized as one of the most influential contemporary photographers, states: "I very much admire the honesty in your work and I do feel your love and empathy in all your photographs I know and love."  Her exploration of  the medium of photography and its boundaries coexists with an emotional intensity and honesty.  Her works delve into a visual exploration of our understanding of identity, beauty, love and impermanence - eternal subjects at the root of humanity.

Maruschak's works are in various national and international private and public collections and she has received numerous awards including the Governor General of Canada's Caring Canadian Award and the Sovereign Medal award among others.

She currently lives between Ottawa and Alvena.