(b. 1961) is a Canadian artist who comes to photography with a background as an art collector, curator, and educator. Intrigued by Christian Boltanski's comment that we will all be forgotten in 30 years, Maruschak's haunting works investigate identity, remembrance and our sense of connection - one object, one story, one person at a time.

Exhibiting across Canada, the US and internationally, notable exhibitions include  2018 Getxophoto Post Conflict Reframing A Dialogue, (Getxo, Spain), 2018 5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography (Barcelona, Spain),  Fotofilmic 2019 (Los Angeles, Seoul, Vancouver), 2019 ERMILOV Centre (Kharkiv, Ukraine), 2020 Turchin Visual Arts Centre (Boone, USA), the Kyiv Museum of History (Kyiv, Ukraine), Copenhagen Photography Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark), and Phoenix Art Museum. Collections holding her works include 24 Sussex (Prime Minister of Canada’s Residence), Archives Canada, Phoenix Art Museum. Awards and accolades include being shortlisted for the prestigious 2017 Hariban Award and the 2018 Fotofilmic II, 2017 11th and 10th International Color Awards Nominee, 2016 Chelsea International Art Competition Prize Winner, (New York, USA), Governor General of Canada’s Sovereign Medal. Publications covering her work include Dodho, The Handmade Magazine, and ArtMaz Mag.

Maruschak gained an MA in ethnography and a MBA.

Lesia Maruschak lives and works in Ottawa and Alvena, Canada.